IELTS Express

With detailed lessons, tips, full practice tests and answers, IELTS Online has everything you need to prepare for the IELTS test.

IELTS Express

Course Description

IELTS Express is a fast online preparation course for the IELTS test. You will get 45 days access to this easy to use, step by step course, covering all four IELTS modules. With full practice tests, over 100 activities and approximately 200 study pages, IELTS Express will boost your confidence and help improve your IELTS score.


What you will get with this course:

  • Over 100 interactive activities
  • Answers for all activities
  • Clear explanations and examples for each strategy and skill
  • IELTS test tips and study strategies
  • Definitions of unfamiliar words

Course Details:

Target Audience

IELTS Express will benefit people taking both Academic and General Training modules of the IELTS test. Choose either the General Training or Academic Training option based on the test you will be doing.

Access Timeframe

The IELTS Express course lasts 45 days. Your access period begins on the first day you log into the course. You can use the course 24 hours a day, seven days a week during your access period. The course is broken up into four modules - reading, writing, listening and speaking, taking a total of approximately 25 hours online study time. Each module is easy to use and structured in step by step fashion.


To benefit fully from the course, we recommend that you have at least an intermediate level of English (approximately IELTS Band 5 or TOEFL PBT 520 or iBT 68).

Course Outline

Start the course with a review to identify your areas of weakness.
  • Listening strategies
  • Section 1 - Two person conversation
  • Section 2 - Monologue
  • Section 3 - Group Conversation
  • Section 4 - Lecture, talk or training session
  • Reading strategies
  • Overview
  • Specific Information
  • Viewpoint and Summary Completion Questions
  • Reading graphs
  • Identifying Trends
  • Planning Task 1
  • Assessment Criteria
  • Describing a Process
  • Planning and Writing for Task 1
  • Reading graphs
  • Identifying Trends
  • Planning Task 2
  • Assessment Criteria
  • Describing a Process
  • Planning and Writing for Task 2
  • Guided Practice
  • Part 1 of the test
  • Part 2 of the test
  • Part 3 of the test
  • Fluency & Coherence
  • Lexical Resource
  • Range & Accuracy
  • Pronunciation
  • Summary
Conclude the course with a post review to implement what you’ve learned.


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